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 Council now provides you with several ways to pay your rates:

Via the council website

To make online rate payments using your credit card you will require your Bpay/eCouncil Ref. This can be found on the Quarterly Rates Notice under "Payment Methods".

The minimum payment accepted is $5.00 and the maximum payment is $50,000.

To continue with your online payment click pay rates.


Contact your participating financial institution as you would for Telephone Banking Service.

You will need to have your Assessment Number and Account Number handy. This can be found on the front of your Quarterly Rates Notice.

You will need to quote Biller Code No 53207.

By Mail or In Person

Payments can be made in person at any of the three Council Offices:


Clare Office - 4 Gleeson Street, Clare
Saddleworth Office - 21 Belvidere Road, Saddleworth
Riverton Office, 21 Torrens Road, Riverton


Cheques or money orders made Payable to "Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council" and crossed "Not Negotiable" can be mailed together with your Remittance Advice Slip to Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council - 4 Gleeson Street, Clare SA 5453