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Oval Hire

Contacts to hire the following Ovals within the Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council area are:

Auburn Recreation Grounds

Auburn Recreation Grounds Committee PO Box 24 AUBURN SA 5451

Phone: 0417 550 781

Clare Oval

Clare Oval Management Committee PO Box 434 CLARE SA 5453

Phone: 0428 893 084

Manoora Recreation Grounds

Manoora Recreation Ground Committee C/- Post Office MANOORA SA 5414

Phone: 08 88474026

Mintaro Oval

Mintaro / Manoora Football Club PO Box 344 WATERVALE SA 5452

Phone: 08 8849 2288

Riverton Oval

Riverton Recreation Ground Committee 12 Torrens Road RIVERTON SA 5412

Phone: 08 8847 2357

Saddleworth Recreation Grounds

Saddleworth Recreation Grounds Committee C/- Post Office SADDLEWORTH SA 5413

Phone: 08 8847 4157

Stockport Community Association Inc

Stockport Community Association Inc. PO Box 43 STOCKPORT SA 5410

Phone: 08 8528 2098

Tarlee Recreation Grounds

Tarlee Recreation GroundsCommittee PO Box 23 TARLEE SA 5411

Phone: 08 8528 5262

Watervale Recreation Grounds

Watervale Recreation Grounds Committee PO Box 45 WATERVALE SA 5452

Phone: 08 8843 0017

Parks and Picnic Areas

The Council and Community maintains parks and gardens throughout the area. The parks and their respective facilities are listed for your information.


Centenary Park - King Street, Auburn

Toilets, Playground Equipment, Seating, Shade Trees

Auburn Oval - Ford Street, Auburn

Toilets, Playground Equipment, Shade Trees


Gleeson Wetlands - see brochure Gleeson Wetlands(3048 kb)

Catford Park - Caravan Park Main North Road Clare

Toilets, Open Sided Shelter, Barbecue, Seating, Playground Equipment, Shade Trees, Fauna Park

Sanders Park - Lennon Street Clare

Toilets, Open Sided Shelter, Barbecues, Seating, Playground Equipment,

Maynard Park - Pioneer Avenue Clare

Toilets, Barbecues, Seating, Playground Equipment, Shade Trees

Melrose Park (Inchiquin Lake) - White Hut Road, Clare

Toilets, Playground Equipment, Model Railway Attraction.

Lions Park - Victoria Road, Clare

Playground Equipment, Barbecues, Seating, Shade Trees

Neagles Rock Reserve - Neagles Rock Road, Clare

Open Sided Shelter, Walking Trail

Hentschke Park - Essington Avenue, Clare

Playground Equipment, Seating, Shade Trees


Centenary Park Oval - Weymouth Street, Manoora

Toilets, Playground Equipment, Seating, Shade Trees


Torr Park - Burra Street, Mintaro

Toilets, Playground Equipment


Rhynie Park - Main North Road, Rhynie

Toilets, Playground Equipment, Shelter, Shade Trees, Seating


Gilbert Lake - Marrabel Road, Riverton

Toilets, Shelter, Barbecues, Walking Trail, Seating, Shade Trees

Riverton Recreation Ground - Barrier Highway, Riverton

Toilets, Open Sided Shelter, Playground Equipment, Barbecues, Seating, Shade Trees

Riverton Parking Bay - Barrier Highway, Riverton

Seating, Shade Trees.


Winkler Park - Barrier Highway, Saddleworth

Toilets, Shelter, Barbecues, Seating, Shade Trees.

Showgrounds - Marrabel Road, Saddleworth

Toilets, Playground Equipment, Barbecues, Seating, Shade Trees.


Stockport Oval - Murray Street, Stockport

Toilets, Shelter, Seating, Shade Trees.


Tarlee Oval - Main North Road, Tarlee

Toilets, Playground Equipment, Seating, Open Sided Shelter, Shade Trees

Information Bay - Main Street, Tarlee

Toilets, Information Board, Seating


Watervale Oval - Main North Road, Watervale

Toilets, Playground Equipment, Seating, Shade Trees

Dry Zones

Dry Zones(364 kb)

Clare Township Dry Areas Fact Sheet 

The South Australian Government has extended the approved Alcohol Dry Areas for the Clare township effective until 4 March 2017. 

This Fact Sheet provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Alcohol Dry Areas. 

What is a Dry Area?  

A ‘Dry Area’ is an area where the consumption of alcohol or possession of open containers of alcohol is prohibited. This applies even if you are just moving through a Dry Area. Possession of alcohol in an open container does not take account of whether the alcohol is being consumed or not. However, a person can possess alcohol (e.g. a carton of beer, a bottle of wine or alcohol in an esky) in a Dry Area provided the containers are unopened.

Legislation also enables patrons who consumed a bottled wine on a licensed premises with a meal, to carry the unconsumed portion of that wine in its original container through a dry area when they leave the premises. In these circumstances the possessor of the unsealed container will need to prove that it was purchased at a licensed premises and consumed with a meal. 

Where are the Dry Areas?   

Please see attached document above for a map of the Dry Zone Areas for Clare. 

Dry Areas have been designated in the township of Clare to encompass all public areas adjacent to or within the residential and district town centre zones and includes a 24 hour prohibition on alcohol consumption in and around the Clare Skate Park. 

Council has erected signs at the main entry points to the Dry Area. It is not a defence to a charge if you claim you did not see a sign or even if there is no sign present where you breach the rules of the Dry Area. 

Why have Dry Areas been designated?  

The implementation of the Dry Areas has reduced the incidence of public drinking and anti-social and petty criminal behaviour by public drinkers late at night and early in the morning, which subsequently provides increased safety and amenity for the general public. 

When do the Dry Areas apply?  

Dry Areas operate from 10.00pm on each day to 8.00am on the following day. People can consume alcohol or possess open containers of alcohol in these areas outside of these times. 

Where can information about Dry Areas be obtained?  

Information about Dry Areas can be obtained from the Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner :




Clare & Gilbert Valleys  & Gilbert Dry Areas raise awareness amongst all community members that drinking to excess in public is not a socially acceptable activity.

Local residents and visitors alike need to be aware that the Clare & Gilbert Valleys  is a proactive, socially responsible and family friendly community. 

What penalties apply for breaching a Dry Area?  

A person who consumes alcohol or has possession of opened containers of alcohol in a Dry Area between 10.00pm and 8.00am is guilty of an offence. The offence carries a maximum penalty of $1,250. Offenders can also be issued with an expiation notice of $160, plus a Victims of Crime Levy. 

Who monitors the Dry Areas?  

SA Police will monitor the Dry Areas. They should be contacted on all matters relating to the Dry Areas by phoning 08 88422711 or 131444. 

If I live or work within a designated Dry Area, can I consume alcohol or possess an open container of alcohol on the private property?

  Yes. Rules for Dry Areas only apply to public places. 

Can permission be gained to hold an event involving alcohol in a Dry Area?  

It is recommended that applicants contact Consumer and Business Services (formerly the Office for Liquor and Gambling) on 131882 to determine if a Limited Liquor Licence is required for the sale or consumption of alcohol at the event. 

Can alcohol be consumed in a privately-owned vehicle in a Dry Area?  

A person is not permitted to consume alcohol or possess an opened container of alcohol in a privately-owned vehicle within a Dry Zone Area.