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The Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council was proclaimed on 1 July 1997, having been formed through the amalgamation of the District Council of Clare, the District Council of Riverton and the District Council of Saddleworth & Auburn.

Distance of Principal Office to Adelaide:  143km

Area of Council:  1,840km²

Total Roads including sealed and unsealed 1,833

Number of Rateable Assessments: 6,876

Number of Electors:

   State Roll:  6,637

   Council Roll:  89

   Total:  6,726

Population:  9,311 (SA Government Grants Commission 2018)

Ranging from the district service towns of Clare, Riverton, Saddleworth and Auburn through to the villages of Stockport, Tarlee, Rhynie, Manoora, Marrabel, Waterloo, Mintaro, Penwortham, Leasingham, Watervale and Sevenhill.  

The Council comprises of a total area of 185,142 hectares.  There are 9 Councillors, plus the position of Mayor.  The current representation quota for the Council is 718 electors per Elected Member.

Our district comprises some of the most productive lands and scenic landscapes in Australia, with the capacity to deliver premium products and experiences.  Located adjacent to the outer metropolitan area of South Australia’s capital, Adelaide, the Clare & Gilbert Valleys district enjoys the advantages of proximity and accessibility with an enviable rural lifestyle.

The productive and fertile lands of the Clare and Gilbert Valleys combined with favourable climatic conditions, result in excellent broad acre cropping opportunities and livestock production.  This strength provides a strong foundation for Clare Valley Cuisine and an increasing trend towards value adding before the farm gate.

The Clare Valley wine region is famous for its world class Rieslings and has achieved recognition as Australia’s ‘Capital of Riesling’.  Combined with shiraz as another staple, and emerging wine varieties, the Clare Valley has a strong future in viticulture and winemaking.

The high level of health and associated services available locally, including two hospitals and an excellent ambulance service along with the presence of the Mid North Passenger Transport Scheme provide well for those that need assistance.

The southern boundary of Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council is located 77 km from the Adelaide city CBD.  The completion of the Northern Expressway has provided greater access to the district, and has improved transport and travel times to Adelaide and Outer Harbour.